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About Me

Hi! I'm Geetika, and am a maker of creative and unconventional ceramic pieces that represent the beauty the natural world. My first project is a series of ceramic donuts, each of which evokes its own personality through its meticulous design, texture, and color.

I found my passion for clay artisanship in New York City, where I am currently based.  What started as a way to destress after long days as an IT professional  became not only a form of therapy, but also a persistent passion.  After hundreds of hours behind a wheel, I found my voice in clay and a mission to create functional and decorative art where it matters most -  home. 

My work is inspired by both the visual storytelling capability of clay - a medium that has preserved history for over ten thousand years - and also by the unique ability for ceramics to express a moment, memory, or feeling in a handheld vessel that I hope invokes the need to see and hold.

My work is also influenced by my personal experiences: the expert craftsmanship and precision that I witnessed firsthand when I lived in Japan; the woodland magic that enveloped me when I lived in the Pacific Northwest; the drive and determination of the New York City hustle; and my numerous jaunts around the world.  Travel has fed my soul with memories, culture, and unique perspectives that I hope to reflect in the style of my pieces.

Much love,

Geetika @mocktdesigns