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An honest opinion of taking part in the 100 day project

A crazy journey on the 100 Day Project.

Earlier this week, I completed the 100 Day Project. The game? You pick something you're going to do for 100 days and document the progress on Instagram. It can be anything. Draw a bird for 100 days, take a photo every day, crochet a ninja turtle for 100 days, you get the drift. What's a pottery-loving gal to pick? Most recently into new shapes on the wheel, #100daysofdonuts was born. I had done a few ceramic donuts on the pottery wheel but I thought this would push me to take the time to work on a skill that wasn't in my toolbox. Plus, don't donuts make everything ok? Mmm, donuts. <Insert Homer here>

The start: the first few days were for lack of better words: terrible, hard, rough, inconsistent, traumatizing...er...did I say lack of better words? I constantly started thinking the same thing: it's going to be a long 100 days. I spent a lot of time at the wheel trying to let my hands form a donut out of a ball of clay. The first day or two, my hands were not in charge, the wheel had taken over and I was sitting there dumbstruck, mud all over thinking not even Pollock can call my abstract clay pieces donuts. 

The push: it's humbling to be so bad at something since it's really easy to stay in your comfort zone and be ok with it. This is where the 100 day project really does its thing. No matter how bad you are at something, you can always learn from the day and the challenge brings you back the very next day. That is 100% the reason you should do the 100 Day Project. You're on a ride (and you know that from the beginning). Each day, you learn a little more about what not to do and that list whittles down as you move through the challenge. 

The end: in the words of a swoosh logo, just do it. It seems daunting at first but making 15 minutes a day to do something you want to get better at is worth it because let's be real, we're fucking worth it. 

Lessons that worked for me: 

Find the time. I'm not a morning person by any means...but waking up a little earlier gave me the time to make sure I did what I needed to. If you have a busy schedule, schedule something realistic...there's absolutely nothing wrong with 5 minutes. If that means you're sneaking a notebook into the shower to scribble some rap lyrics between a rinse, do it.

Don't give up. There's no need to be perfect. Just be present, do what you said you're going to do, and get it out into the world. The fact that you're doing it means more than you think. 

Be present: oooof the beginning is tough but just be present. There's so much to learn from every daily try. 

Find your squad: people will push you, hold you accountable, or listen to you on your bad days. I was so excited to see how solid the community is on Instagram and how positive the vibe is. There's someone that will be willing to help you make it through the journey. 

It's about the journey: I remember the journey more than the 100th day. 

If you're thinking about doing the 100 Day Project and this did nothing for you, message me! I'd love to help with details or info on the journey! If you're starting the challenge soon, hell YES! Tag me on the gram and be ready for an awesome ride. 

To staying in the grind and being better versions of ourselves every day!

geetika @ mocktdesigns


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